The purpose of this International Shipping Form is to identify any international shipment, which requires prior export control authorization from U.S. Government export authorities and/or special U.S. Customs filing.

Items that can ship without review/approval

Please note that the following items can ship without review/approval unless you are 1) shipping to Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, the Crimea Region of Ukraine, or a restricted or prohibited party in any country; OR 2) the value of your shipment exceeds $2,500. Several operational and business units across Emory can screen activities against restricted or prohibited party lists. If you need help in screening your shipment recipient, please contact the Export Control Office (

  • Basic laboratory supplies (test tubes, beakers, etc.)
  • Basic office supplies
  • Personal items such as clothing, toiletries, beauty products, etc. Textiles
  • Household goods
  • Promotional items (ex. cups, pens, folders, sweatshirts)
  • Food products
  • Artwork and artifacts
  • Currency
  • Documents containing published/publicly available technical data or non-technical data

Please complete this form as fully as possible. Questions should be directed to the Export Control Office (

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