PLEASE READ: As of November 23rd, 2021, the International Assessment Questionnaire (IAQ) is no longer in use and has been replaced by the Export Control Assessment Form. This form now focuses solely on export control compliance. Please complete the Export Control Assessment Form if your research proposal involves any of the following:

  • May or will potentially involve instruments, software, materials, or technology specially designed or modified for military or defense purposes
  • May or will involve receiving of proprietary, confidential, or other restricted information from the sponsor or third party
  • May or will involve use of information received under a non-disclosure agreement, a material transfer agreement, or a confidentiality agreement
  • May or will involve shipping or hand carrying materials, samples, equipment, or technology, or the transmission of technical data or scientific information to foreign persons or to a foreign entity outside the U.S.

If you have any questions about the Export Control Assessment Form, please contact the Export Control Office at

If you have questions about the administration of your global project, such as staffing, in-country business operations, research ethics, etc., please contact Global Services to discuss further.