The purpose of this study is to gather data on the diverse LGBTQ caregiver community in order to discover the unique obstacles they face in their role and what resources can be provided to make their role easier, as well as to develop a caregiver training program to address the unique challenges faced by lesbian, gay, and bisexual informal caregivers of people living with dementia. We are seeking lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender volunteers over the age of 18, who consider themselves a primary caregiver for another adult person. You do not have to live with the person you care for or care for them full-time, and you may also be eligible if you were an informal caregiver in the past.

If you believe you may be eligible, we will ask you to complete a 60-minute questionnaire about your medical history, sleep patterns, mood, diet and exercise, stress, and caregiver experiences. If the person you care for is a person living with dementia we would also like you to participate in the clinical trial portion of our study. The clinical trial involves watching four instructional videos that teach a caregiver mastery course, followed by interviews and a focus group. If you are eligible for the clinical trial based on your survey answers, additional information will be provided and a coordinator will conduct a separate screening and informed consent with you.

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